Seventeen Skulls

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From the cover:

Someone is stalking and killing the residents of a homeless shelter in Beaverbrook. And he’s doing it from a cell at the Garden Island Super-Maximum Security Penitentiary, over a thousand miles away.

Notorious serial killer Eldon Grant has discovered the ability to travel through the Shadow Realm – a dark and sinister conduit that lies in the murky fissures between the physical and astral planes. This allows him to return to his old stomping grounds and resume his rampage without leaving the cozy confines of his cell. It’s the perfect crime.

But his actions haven’t gone unnoticed.

As the bodies pile up, shelter worker Jennifer Brennan vows to get to the bottom of the murderous spree. Along with a disjointed group of companions, she sets out to learn who’s responsible and figure out a way to stop him before they draw his attention and become his next victims.

* * * * *

Praise for Seventeen Skulls:

“Seventeen Skulls pits the human race against a murderer very similar to New Brunswick’s notorious serial killer, Allan Legere. But Eldon Grant is much scarier and rooted an ancient otherworldly evil that allows him to kill anywhere at any time….even though he’s been in prison for over a quarter of a century and will remain there until he dies. When a social worker suspects foul play after 8 homeless men die under similar circumstances, she brings in an unorthodox blogger, ex-journalist, to light a fire under the authorities to get on a case they’ve been shunting to the side for over a year. At the same time another reporter (also out of favor with the traditional media) is called upon to interview one of Canada’s most notorious murderers in a bid to have him transferred to a less secure prison. And to complicate matters still further, a Mountie in disfavor with his boss is put on the missing men’s case in exchange for a promotion and early retirement.
The group of four join forces to find out how Grant is killing people without leaving a maximum security prison. What they find chills them to the core and sets them against a force they can scarcely believe exists until it starts hunting them down.
Seventeen Skulls is a compelling journey into an unspeakable terror told with supreme skill and mastery of the horror genre. I tore through this novel in one read, not wanting to put it down until I finished it. I recommend Seventeen Skulls to anyone looking for something different in the horror genre.”

-Amazon Review

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“I throughly enjoyed this read! When it comes to horror Joe really is a master of the craft. This novel is no different. He’s managed to write a criminal so notorious that they’ll send shivers down your spine. Give it a read if you like horror or crime novels!”

-Amazon Review

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“The story was enjoyable and interesting, and while I would personally love to read more about the Shadow Realm, Powers grounded the story with the focus of it being the crime thriller that it was. With his background in horror fiction, I hope he will capitalize on this realm and we can read more stories about it, as I think it deserves a whole book just by itself.”

-Amazon Review

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“This was absolutely chilling… The perfect mix of thrills and chills with interesting characters and a unique plot.”

-Goodreads Review