A Few Odds and Ends


Happy Saturday (or Friday maybe, depending on your time zone)! Just a few quick notes today, starting with my first sale in a little while. My absence from the market of late has been largely due to a lack of submissions lately, since my attention has been focused on finishing off my new novel and wrapping up some other unfinished business. I touched on the details of this a little bit in my last post. I’ll get more specific on this sale later on, once the contract’s been signed. For now, suffice it to say it’s one of my favorite stories, and a market I’ve enjoyed working with in the past.

This actually got my juices flowing a little bit, to the point where my desire to see my name in print inspired me to look into a couple of other markets that might be suitable for some of my recent pieces. Whether hit or miss, to be chronicled as events unfold.

Speaking of finishing my new novel, I’ve… well, finished my new novel. All edits, beta reading, and last-minute nips and tucks have been completed, and it’s all wrapped up in a nice, neat and, if I do say so myself, gripping package. Now it’s time to start the next step: the selling stage. I’ll delve into this process a little bit in a future post here since it’s a crucial part of the writing game that often goes overlooked by all other than the tireless writers themselves.

On a somewhat related note, earlier today my ruthless editor wrote an excellent piece that offers a behind-the-scenes look at how the creative process and dynamic works in a two-writer household. It’s definitely worth a look.

That’s all for now. I’ll keep you posted along the way on how things shake out. As always, thanks for following along in this space. Enjoy your weekend!

– JP

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