Halloween Havoc



It’s October already! The days are getting noticeably sorter, the nights are getting colder, and with each passing day it takes just a little longer for the sun to warm things back up in the morning. October has been a busy time this year, and even though it’s not even half over, the chaos has really only just begun.

First, on the writing front: Not a lot of actual writing going on around here the past little while, admittedly. I’m filling the gap with another group of great students, however. My current class is a really fun and engaging group, many of whom have pleasantly surprised me with how quickly and confidently they’ve taken to the things we’ve discussed in our sessions this far. I have promised not to steal any of the characters and scenarios they’ve created – a promise I will somewhat reluctantly keep!

Also, for those keeping track of such things, my wedding day is rapidly approaching. Sixteen days, to be exact. I haven’t mentioned a lot about the wedding in this space, but I’m looking forward to it (obviously, of course). Aside from the wild notion that I’ve convinced Sheryl that marrying me is a good idea, due to our shared love of all things off the wall the wedding is going to be a bit… different. It’s a Halloween-themed masquerade – right up our alley. I don’t want to put up too many spoilers here since there’s been talk of a live-streaming feed online, but let me just say from the feedback I’m getting from friends and guests everyone is as excited as we are.

I’m also very excited about this year’s Wordsfall, which I’m counting in here even though it isn’t technically until November. The 3rd and 4th, to be exact. I’m excited because I’ll get the chance to meet some fellow writers and other members of the Writers Federation for the first time, and also because they have asked me to offer a seminar which I was thrilled to accept. Details can be found here for anyone looking to attend but hasn’t signed up yet.

Speaking of writing classes, it’s not too early to sign up for the next session which starts in January.

That’s all I’ve got for today. I’ll do my best to post at least once more before the end of the month.

– JP

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