Seventeen Skulls Virtual Book Tour, Day 30

It’s drifting into evening here in Eastern Canada, and I realize I’m a bit late getting today’s blog tour post out there. Unfortunately, it’s by design that I haven’t posted already; due to a scheduling snafu, it seems both of our tour stops for today have experienced technical difficulties. As a result, well… I haven’t got much of anything for you today. I’m not thrilled about it, and I guess it’s possible we can get back on track by the end of the night, but I didn’t want to drag it out that long.

I did spend a little time today drifting back through the tour dates, popping in on some of our previous hosts and responding to a few commenters there. It’s nice to see the reach continues beyond our featured day at some of these sites, and that readers still manage to stumble upon my daily features well after the original date.

Here’s what I will do: I’ll continue to monitor the situation, and if things get sorted by the end of the day I’ll add a second post. If not, we’ll have one of two scenarios tomorrow – either today’s posts just fade into the sunset, never to be seen again; or today’s stops go live tomorrow and, with yet another two posts already scheduled for tomorrow, we’ll have a massive quadruple tour day.

Either way, thanks as always for dropping by. I love seeing all the visitors old and new alike each day. Also, a reminder that my writing course, Writing Horror: the Dark Side, kicks off with the fall semester on Monday, September 27th. Then on October 7th we’re back with another round of Crafting the Short Story. Due to the current restrictions, both courses are still being offered online while we look forward to being able to return to the classroom.

Until next time, stay safe, talk soon!


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