Spreading the Word

A followup on my previous post, as an opportunity presents itself to spread my tentacles out a little further into the world.

Last week I mentioned an interview I did with The Miramichi Reader for their TMR Podcast. I chatted with editor-in-chief James Fisher about writing, the horror genre, the stuff that inspires me, Old Bones – my latest release- and all kinds of fun stuff. It’s live as of this afternoon. You can find it on Spotify (look for TMR Podcast) or check it out here. It was a fun experience, and I really appreciated the opportunity to discuss the craft and shine a light on my little corner of the book world.

That’s all for today, short and sweet. As always, thanks to you for taking the time to drop by and visit. While you’re here, why not swing over to my contact page and sign up to have all the latest news delivered directly to your inbox, hot off the presses, as soon as it’s released. Your continued support is always welcome, and appreciated. Don’t forget to post reviews for the books you like, authors love that! Until next time, stay safe, talk soon!


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