Ever since I signed the contract for my new novel, Seventeen Skulls, I’ve been excited to get the finished product wrapped up and out there for the reading public to get their hands on. It’s quite a process, from hand-scrawled manuscript to polished novel. A lot of time, energy and effort goes into bringing the spark of an idea into the book you pick off the shelf or spot on your online shopping destination of choice. So once it’s done, the wait for the release date can be interminable.

With that said… surprise! The wait is over. I, along with my publisher, World Castle Publishing, am proud and excited to announce that the official launch date has been moved up – to today! I have learned that pre-ordered paperback copies are already being delivered, as evidenced by this happy fellow:

This may, in fact, be a rare photo of the very first copy of Seventeen Skulls to reach the masses. I also happen to know that this particular gentleman lives in Ontario, where much of the action takes place, which may explain the look of abject terror on his face.

(Don’t worry, Mike, he’s a nasty character but he can’t get you. He’s safely locked away in prison. Right…?)

Paperbacks are available right now, but the Kindle version doesn’t release until next month. Sorry, all you e-readers!

Seventeen Skulls is available today on both and Keep an eye here in this space for updates and info, more release news, and more. I hope you enjoy the book, thanks to you for following along here and supporting my work, it’s deeply appreciated. Until next time,

Stay safe, talk soon!