Anniversaries and Anthologies


Just a few quick notes to bring everyone up to date on some of my goings-on. Right off the bat, since I likely won’t post again before then, early happy wedding anniversary to my part-time editor and full-time wife, Sheryl. In honor of that special day, here for your listening pleasure is a video of the song we used as our wedding march.

Speaking of early, it’s still a week shy of Halloween and already the region has been deluged with snow! Well ok, maybe ‘deluged’ is too strong a word. A light dusting mixed with rain that made for an ugly, sloppy day but which has since melted away might be more accurate. But I stand by my assertion that it’s too soon!

Elsewhere, the Fall session of my short story writing class is in full swing. We’re down to our last couple of classes, and I’m really pleased with everyone’s progress. It’s just a great group with real talent and an obvious passion for writing, with probably the widest age range to date: my youngest is just thirteen, a new record. Always a pleasure to contribute to the warping of young minds!

One final note for today: over the last couple of weeks I’ve sold a couple of short pieces to some pretty cool markets. The first is an anthology called Deadly Bargain, from Colors in Darkness, celebrating diverse voices in horror and dark fantasy. This one should be released very soon!

The second, I just received word on a few hours ago. It’s called Canadian Dreadful, presented by Dark Dragon Publishing, and will be an all-Canadian antho with a nod to horror from each province. They’re estimating a Fall 2019 release on this one.

There are interesting and fun little anecdotes behind each of these stories and their inclusion in their respective anthologies, which I will reveal in a future post. Cover reveals and more details to come.

That’s all the news I’ve got for now. Have a safe and happy Halloween, everyone!

– JP

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