Back to Business


After taking a “brief hiatus” that somehow extended to “taking the summer off”, it’s time to get back to business. I hope everyone enjoyed their summer, and found some time to sit with a good book (or eReader, as the case may be) here and there. I did, though not as often as I would have liked.

Meanwhile, the leaves on the big maple outside my living room window tell me that fall is fast approaching. While I dread the end of summer, I always look forward to September and a new year of classes. This year’s fall session kicks off on September 24th – my birthday, in fact. Just two weeks away! Here’s the link, for anyone in the area who might want to look into taking one of my classes, or knows someone who might be interested.

More to come, with more frequent updates now that the dog days are behind us for another year.

– JP

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