Not Bad for a Tuesday



Just a quick note today, to remind everyone that sometimes good things can fall into your lap from out of the blue and make what would otherwise be just another day a little bit better.

Today I received an email that, at first glance, looked like a scam to me. It purported to be from Paypal, and wanted to inform me that I had money awaiting me. I was skeptical, since I could think of no reason why this should be the case, but nonetheless I opened the email to discover that, against all odds, I actually did have money waiting for me in there! I had been paid for a story. It was from Digital Fiction Publishing who I’d worked with before. I say against all odds because I legitimately had forgotten having signed the contract for this one, as it was back in August. And I was pretty thrilled to find that my story had been placed in Cosmic Scream, the antho series from their horror line. This one came down the pipe in February and landed on Amazon, where it’s currently available in Kindle form.

So this was a nice way to start my day: inclusion in an anthology by a publisher I’ve got a good rapport with, and nothing but nice things to say about. I’m thrilled to share a table of contents with some very talented writers, and even though I haven’t made it all the way through yet, I can guarantee there’s some creepy, scary stuff in here. Don’t miss it!

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