Seventeen Skulls Virtual Book Tour

Just a quick little update post today, and an announcement: Seventeen Skulls is going on tour!

The official ebook version of Seventeen Skulls launches on August 23rd, and will coincide with my first ever virtual book tour! Hosted by Silver Dagger Book Tours, it’s a month-long whirlwind that will see Seventeen Skulls featured on the pages of numerous bloggers, reviewers and more. I’m excited to participate and be involved with the tour and meet lots of new people who, in all likelihood, are unfamiliar with my work.

Check out this cool tour banner!

Keep an eye on this space for updates and information and a full listing of stops along the tour. I, of course, will add updates here as well. Speaking of news and updates, Seventeen Skulls is now on Goodreads and is already drawing positive ratings and its first (lovely, I might add) review.

I’m thrilled with the positive attention the book has received so far, and hope it continues as more people discover and enjoy it. Thanks as always for coming back here to read what I have to say, I love and appreciate all the support. Don’t forget to pop over to my contact page and sign up for instant updates delivered right to your inbox.

Until next time,

Be safe, talk soon!


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