Let’s Take This Show on the Road!

Seventeen Skulls has hit the road on a virtual tour!

For the next thirty days you can follow along as my new novel, Seventeen Skulls, hits a whopping 39 stops on its official world-wide* blog tour.

*(Okay, I don’t know if it’s actually world-wide, but readers from around the world will have access to each and every stop along the way so I’m going with that!)

Click here for the official itinerary and the first stop on the tour. We’re also featured over at A Pinch of Bookdust today, in case that’s one of your regular stopovers (or if you’re looking for a new review site to add to your go-to list).

The paperback edition of Seventeen Skulls has been out for a couple of weeks now, but for those who prefer their horror be consumed digitally, today’s tour kickoff also coincides with the kindle release. Click the pics below for links to the paperback (left) and Kindle (right) versions on Amazon.ca below:

(Seventeen Skulls is, of course, available on multiple other platforms (including the dot-com and dot-uk Amazons) for the many of you who do not happen to reside in Canada.)

Finally, a heartfelt thank you to those of you who have taken the time to not only read Seventeen Skulls but also leave a review, either at Amazon, Goodreads, or both. Reviews mean so much to all authors, and are the easiest and, along with word-of-mouth, arguably most effective way of showing your support for an artist or particular piece of their work. Always greatly appreciated!

Check back here often for tour dates and info, as well as other news and goings-on. Remember to pop over to my contact page to get emailed news and updates sent directly to your inbox. Thanks as always for following along. Until next time,

Stay safe, talk soon!


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