Seventeen Skulls Virtual Book Tour, Day Nine

Another day, another update from the tour front. Welcome once again to news from the virtual road!

When I undertook this little project, not only embarking on a book tour but posting daily updates on its progress, I really had no idea of what to expect. I’d never done such a thing before and wasn’t sure what was involved with a virtual book tour. I assumed it would involve a lot less travel than an actual book tour, and as it turns out I was correct – so far the entire thing has been done from the cozy confines of my house.

But a lot of people have been involved in some capacity or other (very few of whom have ever been in my house, I might add) – like today’s host, the thirteenth stop on the ninth day of the tour, the I’m All About Books site. The host, Jody, seems to have a wide range of reading interests and features books of many genres and styles. A nice mix for anyone looking to venture outside their usual routines and check out something new.

We’ve got a long weekend coming in a few days, but never fear – yours truly will have daily updates throughout. No time to rest on my laurels, the promotional machine never rests!

On that note, I’ll sign off for today with my daily dose of eternal gratitude for the continued support I’ve received from many friends old and new. I’m so glad you enjoyed Seventeen Skulls and I hope you’ll pass the word on to others you know who might enjoy it too. If you’re one of those who has read Seventeen Skulls and liked it, my first novel, Terror in High Water, might be up your alley as well.

I’ll be back tomorrow with another tour update – two stops tomorrow! Don’t forget to pop over to my contact page and sign up for instant updates and news sent directly to your inbox. Until next time, stay safe, talk soon!


Seventeen Skulls Virtual Book Tour, Day Eight

It’s the start of another brand new week, and what better way to kick things off than another stop on the book tour? As luck would have it, we have one of those today!

This long and winding virtual road takes us to Books a Plenty, a blog about book reviews. They put up some info on Seventeen Skulls, and while I dropped in for a visit I noticed the giveaway counter is just shy of 1,300 people.

I’m thrilled with all the attention Seventeen Skulls is getting from all over the place. It’s also great to see so many new faces dropping by the website. Welcome to all the newest additions here, make yourself at home, feel free to have a look around. Speaking of which, don’t forget to pop over to my contact page and sign up to have all the latest news and updates delivered straight to your inbox.

That’s all for today, but be sure to check in frequently for all the tour stops and other interesting tidbits. Speaking of which, we’ve got another stop lined up for tomorrow. Until then,

stay safe, talk soon!


Seventeen Skulls Virtual Book Tour, Day Seven

Lucky number seven on the tour schedule is a rare day off. I said I’d have updates here each day of the tour, and that holds true even on off days. That’s right, no tour stops today, but the streak continues here!

It’s been a whirlwind of activity so far, not only with these daily updates and all the reviewers and bloggers we’ve visited but also with those who have read (or plan to read) the book. I discovered today that quite a number of people have marked Seventeen Skulls as “to-read” on Goodreads, which is very cool. Speaking of Goodreads, there are some nice reviews on there, as well as over on Amazon. While it would be lovely to see more and more of those kind words from readers, the ones that are up there already make me feel really good about this book.

Here’s a sample of what some readers felt about Seventeen Skulls:

“Another good read from the pen of New Brunswick’s Joe Powers.”

“Seventeen Skulls is a compelling journey into an unspeakable terror told with supreme skill and mastery of the horror genre.”

“…a very classic horror story. Reminiscent of Stephen King, it draws readers in with supernatural elements that were similar to those of H. P. Lovecraft.”

If you like horror and/or suspenseful thrillers and are thinking about reading Seventeen Skulls, I hope you’ll give it a look. And if you’ve already read the book and enjoyed it, I hope you’ll consider leaving a review, either at Amazon or Goodreads or both places. Reviews and ratings are the lifeblood of all authors and are arguably the best and easiest way to help get the word out about a book you’re read and liked. I guarantee it won’t go unnoticed, or unappreciated!

On that happy note, I wish you a happy Sunday and bid you a fond farewell. Tomorrow we’re back to the grindstone but for now, don’t forget to sign up for emailed updates and news over at my contact page. Until next time, stay safe, talk soon!


Seventeen Skulls Virtual Book Tour, Day Six

A lazy Saturday afternoon and I’m sitting in my office (the end of the couch) with a cat to my left, a dog to my right, and a visit from an old friend on the schedule for this afternoon. In the meantime, here I am along with you as we file another tour day under our belts. As a matter of fact, for this Saturday edition we’re adding a bonus stop on the tour.

First up we pay a visit to A Wonderful World of Words, where we find nice coverage of the book and we discover that the giveaway counter is now just shy of 1,200 hits. We’ve got three book excerpts and a segment of an interview here.

Today’s bonus tour stop was late to the party yesterday but is now back on the schedule. We’ve got Momma Says: To Read or Not to Read, a review site that covers a lot of books and seems to get a lot of traffic. Glad to see an appearance here, as yesterday it looked like it wasn’t going to happen.

With our two stops now discussed (and thanks as always to our gracious hosts), I’ll let you get back to your weekend. Tomorrow I’ll pop in briefly to talk about the one tour stop we’ve got lined up, but otherwise we no return you to your regularly scheduled… well, whatever it is you do on your weekends! Don’t forget to sign up for emailed news and updates on my contact page, there’s always room for more of you to drop on in. Welcome to the latest newcomers, feel free to have a look around the site and see if anything strikes your fancy. Until next time, stay safe, talk soon!


Seventeen Skulls Virtual Book Tour, Day Five

Happy Friday, and welcome to the Day Five update of the Seventeen Skulls virtual book tour. It seems one of our scheduled stops has fallen through, so just one stop on the tour today as we head into the weekend.

Our tour takes us to the good folks over at Twisted Book Ramblings today. It’s the ninth stop on the tour, and the giveaway entrants have topped 1,000. It’s early days, but I’m impressed and cautiously optimistic with the seeming groundswell of interest we’re stirring up.

That’s it for today, just keeping the streak alive and checking in. Tomorrow’s another day with more news, and I’ll hopefully see you back here then. Be sure to check out my contact page to have news and updates delivered right to your inbox. Have a great day, and until next time, stay safe, talk soon!


Seventeen Skulls Virtual Book Tour, Day Four

Just a quick tour update today. Speaking of which, this is four updates in four days. This, for those watching at home, is a lot more than I normally post here, all on just one topic. “Are you planning on doing one of these posts every single day of the tour?” you might be asking. “I am indeed”, would be my answer. “Why?” You might then ask, with one eyebrow raised.

“Well, here’s the thing,” I would then say. “I’m not a fan of talking about myself. I don’t like doing promotion, or anything that draws attention to myself. But this isn’t about me, it’s about my new book. I think it’s a pretty good book, and I would really like it if a whole bunch of other people agreed with me. Those who have read it have almost universally enjoyed it. That makes two novels in a row that have been very well received, with minimal promotional effort from me or anyone else.”

“But,” I would continue, “I feel like Seventeen Skulls deserves to be seen by more readers. I needed some help getting the word out, to reach a larger and broader audience, so I embarked upon this virtual book tour. Seventeen Skulls will grace the pages of 39 bloggers, reviewers, and book fans over the next month, potentially reaching thousands of readers, many of whom have never heard of me or my work. Of those thousands of new eyes, maybe some decide to give something I’ve written a try. Maybe some of them even like what I’ve written, and want to check out what else I’ve done.”

“So that’s why I will keep firing off daily updates, and plugging the tour stops at the same time as they’re plugging Seventeen Skulls. Promotion isn’t a one-way street, and I’m happy to give as well as receive. More eyes on the review sites means more sales and attention for other authors too. Plus, it’s kind of cool to watch this all unfold right alongside you and get to know my hosts a little better.”

Anyway, that’s what I would say if you asked me what my motivation here is. And now, down to business! Day four of the tour and the hits keep coming! Another double header today as we drop by Book Review Virginia Lee, and then over to The Faerie Review for a double dose of Seventeen Skulls promo. Very cool to see the number of entrants in the giveaway has topped 900 today – just four days in and a thousand is well within sight. I’m eager to see how high that number will go.

Finally today, as always I invite you to visit my contact page to receive updates right in your inbox, right up to the minute. Thanks for dropping in and following along. Until next time, stay safe, talk soon!


Seventeen Skulls Virtual Book Tour, Day Three

Onward we go, further into the first week of our book tour. Today, as with yesterday, we’ve got two stops along the way.

First, we drop by Girl With Pen‘s blogspot, where I notice for the first time the counter that appears on each site we visit. That counter’s keeping track of the number of people entered into the free giveaway at the end of the tour, and just three days in I’m somewhat surprised to see nearly 800 people have signed up. This seems like an incredibly high number of people showing interest, and I’m pleasantly surprised.

Next up, we’re off to visit The Bookshelf Fairy, another prolific blogger whose followers I hope will like what they see when they check out Seventeen Skulls.

As always, thanks to my hosts for featuring Seventeen Skulls (and, by association, me!). To the newcomers here on my site, welcome on in, I hope you enjoy your stay. If you know someone in your life who enjoys chilling horror, thrillers, and tales of things that lurk in the shadows, feel free to let them know about me and invite them to drop in here for a look around. To stay up to date and first in line for all the news and updates, pop on over to my contact page and you’ll get posts just like this one delivered straight to your inbox.

We’re back tomorrow with still more tour stops. In the meantime, be sure to take a few minutes to pop over and check out my gracious hosts – they’ll love the visitors, and you never know when you’ll find something new you’ll like. Until next time,

Stay safe, talk soon.


Seventeen Skulls Virtual Tour Day Two

Day two of the virtual book tour for Seventeen Skulls, and it’s a double header day. On the heels of a great kickoff, today we can be found at All Things Dark and Dirty, and also over at Scrupulous Dreams.

The feedback and participation has been awesome so far, and that’s with just one day down! I’m looking forward to the rest of the tour dates and meeting all kinds of new people along the way.

Big thanks to today’s gracious hosts, and as always, you can see the full schedule here. For up to the minute news and updates, pop on over to my contact page and have notices and news delivered directly to your inbox. Speaking of which, a hearty welcome to all the recent newcomers, glad to have you aboard!

Tomorrow we’ve got another double bill, with two new sites taking the time to feature Seventeen Skulls including cover art, an excerpt from the book, a Q & A with yours truly, and more. If you enjoy reading book reviews, why not drop in on some of these fine folks and see what they’re all about? I’m sure they’d appreciate even a quick visit!

Thanks again to everyone for your continued support, it means a lot. Until next time, stay safe, talk soon!


Let’s Take This Show on the Road!

Seventeen Skulls has hit the road on a virtual tour!

For the next thirty days you can follow along as my new novel, Seventeen Skulls, hits a whopping 39 stops on its official world-wide* blog tour.

*(Okay, I don’t know if it’s actually world-wide, but readers from around the world will have access to each and every stop along the way so I’m going with that!)

Click here for the official itinerary and the first stop on the tour. We’re also featured over at A Pinch of Bookdust today, in case that’s one of your regular stopovers (or if you’re looking for a new review site to add to your go-to list).

The paperback edition of Seventeen Skulls has been out for a couple of weeks now, but for those who prefer their horror be consumed digitally, today’s tour kickoff also coincides with the kindle release. Click the pics below for links to the paperback (left) and Kindle (right) versions on below:

(Seventeen Skulls is, of course, available on multiple other platforms (including the dot-com and dot-uk Amazons) for the many of you who do not happen to reside in Canada.)

Finally, a heartfelt thank you to those of you who have taken the time to not only read Seventeen Skulls but also leave a review, either at Amazon, Goodreads, or both. Reviews mean so much to all authors, and are the easiest and, along with word-of-mouth, arguably most effective way of showing your support for an artist or particular piece of their work. Always greatly appreciated!

Check back here often for tour dates and info, as well as other news and goings-on. Remember to pop over to my contact page to get emailed news and updates sent directly to your inbox. Thanks as always for following along. Until next time,

Stay safe, talk soon!


Seventeen Skulls Virtual Book Tour

Just a quick little update post today, and an announcement: Seventeen Skulls is going on tour!

The official ebook version of Seventeen Skulls launches on August 23rd, and will coincide with my first ever virtual book tour! Hosted by Silver Dagger Book Tours, it’s a month-long whirlwind that will see Seventeen Skulls featured on the pages of numerous bloggers, reviewers and more. I’m excited to participate and be involved with the tour and meet lots of new people who, in all likelihood, are unfamiliar with my work.

Check out this cool tour banner!

Keep an eye on this space for updates and information and a full listing of stops along the tour. I, of course, will add updates here as well. Speaking of news and updates, Seventeen Skulls is now on Goodreads and is already drawing positive ratings and its first (lovely, I might add) review.

I’m thrilled with the positive attention the book has received so far, and hope it continues as more people discover and enjoy it. Thanks as always for coming back here to read what I have to say, I love and appreciate all the support. Don’t forget to pop over to my contact page and sign up for instant updates delivered right to your inbox.

Until next time,

Be safe, talk soon!